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Lost Windows Password & Beeping Hard Drive

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Welcome to a new blog series where I will be covering all the random repairs, service calls and more that I encounter. I thought the category “Fixed It” was an…

Marketing Minute Series

Facebook Is Now “Pay to Play”

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If Facebook wasn’t already 100% “pay-to-play”, it may be now. Many of the strategies I use to grow a page, are still available, just less effective. Facebook changed the way…

Mailchimp Basics – Creating a List & Adding a Subscriber

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An e-mail list is a GREAT way to keep your customer engaged with your product, business, or organization. Collecting e-mails is simple. But what do you do with all these...

Simple Trick For More Likes on Your Facebook Page

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Targeting new people to your Facebook page has never been easier. If you watch the video, I'll show you a very simple trick to reach and engage more people. FOR...
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David Lopez

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