Recently, our company made the transition to Google Apps for Business. Like many small businesses we had our emails hosted through our web host so we could have professional e-mails at our domain. This was a solution, and it did its job, but not without some issues. Many websites who use their web hosting for their emails encounter issues. The common ones are:

  • SPAM
  • Incoming/Outgoing Issues
  • Multiple E-Mail Setups Per Device

We endured these issues and just kept our heads down and worked. The SPAM got so out of control, we looked into a Spam Blocker service. It cost $5.00 a month per domain. Cheap enough for us. We gave it a run and it worked, a little bit.

For $6.00 a month, per user, you can utilize Google Apps for Business. Google Apps for Business gives you the ability to use your current email hosted at your domain, but also allows you to have the great SPAM blocking ability of Google and the ease of use of Gmail. You can also sync your emails across multiple devices much easier. Google Apps for Business also gives each user 30 GB of cloud storage, use of Google Calendars, and more. If you’re a DropBox user, you could be paying $10 a month for that service as well. Save yourself some money and look into the convenience that is Google Apps for Business.

Interest in Google Apps for your Business but not sure how to get started? Contact Us Today and we can help.